writer | photographer | videographer


Video Intern at Billy Penn | June 2017 – August 2017

For my second internship at Billy Penn, I transitioned to telling stories with video. I pitched, shot and edited one or more video a week. The videos I made range from showing the sun set over the Philly skyline from the top of it’s new Ferris wheel to asking tourists in the Historical District how much they actually know about Philly history.

Editorial Intern at Billy Penn | January 2017 – May 2017

As an intern at Billy Penn, a mobile news startup based in Philadelphia, I pitched, reported and wrote my own stories on a weekly basis. I also occasionally took photos for articles and to post on Billy Penn’s social media. In order to contribute useful content to a fast paced, community focused news outlet I paid close attention to local figures and current events via social media while also using the same means to interact with the community I covered.

German American Chamber of Commerce Event Photographer | January 2015 – present

I photograph formal events including, in the past year, a gala and a Biergarten, for Philadelphia’s German American Chamber of Commerce, which promotes trade and investment opportunities between Germany and the United States. I then edit and upload the photos to the GACC’s Flickr page.


Editor of the Tab at Temple | January 2015 – December 2016

I reported, wrote and photographed for Temple University’s newly founded branch of The Tab, an international student news organization with over 3 million monthly readers at over 60 universities. I wrote features, breaking news stories, sports articles and general interest pieces and recruited writers and controlled content along with two co-editors. I was responsible for organizing weekly meetings between the editors, the marketing team and the staff writers. I also proofread all content before posting to the site.

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 7.29.17 PM

Intern at The Tab | Summer 2016

While interning at The Tab’s US headquarters in Brooklyn, New York, I worked closely alongside professional journalists on breaking news stories, reported from around New York City, and participated in meetings pitching stories. I also worked independently on larger projects, such as doing research and writing a script for a debate between a student supporter of Hillary Clinton and a student supporter of Donald Trump, which I then moderated for a livestream reaching thousands of online viewers.


Her Campus Temple Health and Fitness Staff Writer | 2014-2015

I wrote weekly articles for Temple University’s branch of Her Campus, a national online collegiate women’s magazine. I interviewed both students and experts and researched topics such as the dangers of drugs frequently abused by college students, the benefits of a vegetarian diet and methods for managing anxiety and depression in college.

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 8.19.50 PM

Skills & Technology

Writing & Editing: WordPress

I used WordPress daily to write, edit, and publish articles to The Tab Temple’s and Billy Penn’s websites. I also created and maintain my personal WordPress website.

Photography & Videography: Lightroom, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Premiere

I shoot photo and video on Canon Rebel t5i and photograph formal events for the German American Chamber of Commerce. I also have experience in animal and documentary photography. In 2015, I put together a 40-paged book on euthanasia in Philadelphia’s animal shelters using my research and photos from several shelters. I use Lightroom and Photoshop to edit photos and have transitioned from using Final Cut Pro to Premiere to create video packages.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 7.05.53 PM

Design: InDesign, Photoshop

I created my personal logo and business card using Photoshop and InDesign. I used InDesign to arrange the layout for my book on euthanasia in Philadelphia’s animal shelters and used Photoshop to create an infographic.

Social Media: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat

I use Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to share articles from The Tab and Her Campus, and I frequently update my personal accounts. I’ve shot Snapchat stories for both The Tab Temple and Billy Penn.


I read, write, and speak French proficiently. In 2013, I spent nearly a month abroad in Maussane-les-Alpilles, Montpellier, and Paris, France with a French family in order to practice language skills and to gain an understanding of French culture, manners, and behavior. I have used French in previous retail work settings to communicate with foreign customers.


Temple University

Klein College of Media and Communication class of 2017

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism


To avoid giving out personal information, I do not list my references on my online resume. Please contact me for their information.

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